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May 20, 2022

Practical Steps for Transitioning to a Career in Academic Editing

Cara Jordan, president and chief editor at Flatpage, discusses how to break into academic editing and build a sustainable career in the editorial industry for Karen Kelsky’s The Professor Is In blog.

Cara discusses how scholars can identify and capitalize on skill sets developed in academia in order to start a business, as well as gives you practical advice on how to begin as a freelancer, build a client roster, healthy financial and legal structures, and market yourself and your business.

May 16, 2022

A Guide to Tricky Citations for Academic Authors & Editors

New on the Northwest Editors Guild Blog: Flatpage’s chief editor Cara Jordan provides guidance on how to handle difficult citations for academic articles, essays, and books using the Chicago Manual of Style.

“While the Chicago Manual of Style’s (CMOS) guidelines for common bibliography and note citations are generally well known by scholarly writers, there are a number of other tricky formats that often confuse academic authors.

In this brief guide, assembled from recommendations by my expert team of citation editors at Flatpage, I’ll introduce you to the hardest types of citations for academics to get right using CMOS and provide you with sample notes so you can get them right next time!”

November 21, 2021

Ask Dr. Editor: "Why Formal Analysis Is Key to Bringing Your Research to Life"

In this regular column for University Affairs / Affaires universitaires magazine written by Letitia Henville, Flatpage’s chief editor Cara Jordan discusses how the practice of formal analysis from art history can improve academic writing across disciplines. 

“The techniques that art historians use — their focus on what shapes and colours the eye perceives, the textures the fingers might feel — is a strategy that transfers well to academic writing across the disciplines.”

Saturday | February 19 | 3:30-5:00 PM EST

“From Gig Worker to Entrepreneur: Capitalizing on Your Skills to Build a Business in Art History” at CAA 2022

Hear Flatpage’s cofounder and chief editor Cara Jordan discuss how to transform your freelance gig-based business into a sustainable career.

Panel: Careers for Creatives: Beyond Academic Jobs, chaired by Martha M. Schloetzer

Location: Zoom

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