Meet Our People

Below you’ll find a list of all of our expert academic and nonfiction editors, application specialists, and content writers. Our editors are first-language English speakers who have advanced degrees and academic training from the top universities in the US.

All of our copyeditors have technical certificates from reputable programs, our developmental editors have years’ experience in academia and long publishing records of their own, and our proofreaders have a keen eye for even the smallest detail. Additionally, our arts writers have a flair for sculpting artspeak into clear language.

Our Staff

Cara M. Jordan

President, Chief Editor

PhD, Art History, Graduate Center, CUNY

Cara (she/her) has been working as a freelance editor since 2008: first for artists and later for academics. She prefers working on academic articles and the book manuscripts, although she also regularly teaches on the artist’s statement and works on professional documents. While her own art historical research was on contemporary and socially engaged art, she has worked on manuscripts from all periods and a variety of cultures. She has a certificate in editing from UCSD, where she is currently an instructor,  and is a Professional Member of CIEP, and a full member of EFA and ACES, as well as the Society for Scholarly Publishing. Cara has also traveled widely and speaks both French and German. 

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, General nonfiction essays or other short writings, Artists’ writing and statements

Subjects: Art history, History, History of medicine, Literature, Theatre & performance, Film

Style: I am a diligent project manager and a detail-oriented copyeditor with an eye toward efficient dialogue and project completion. I want to help you get your manuscript out into the world!

Elizabeth Duquette

Coaching & Developmental Editing Team Lead

PhD, English and American Literature, New York University

Elizabeth (she/her) is an editor, writer, and professor whose scholarship explores the transatlantic literary cultures of the long nineteenth century, with particular attention to the United States. In addition to completing numerous articles and several books, she has been an executive editor for J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists and a co-editor with Nineteenth-Century Studies. While working on these journals, she discovered how much she enjoys helping authors hone their arguments and prose, which she now also does though the Toward Equity in Publishing program at the Smithsonian’s American Art journal. She is comfortable working in, or between, disciplines in the humanities and narrative social sciences from a wide range of methodological approaches. 


Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, general nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: Literary studies, art history, history, philosophy, particularly political philosophy, 

Style: I have priorities more than a style. My goal is to be generative and careful—for your thinking and your writing—to best support the ideas and arguments you want to develop.

James Cui

Line Editing Team Lead

PhD, English, Cornell University

James (he/him) is a freelance editor, writer, and educator. He has taught English language and literature at several independent high schools, as well as at Cornell University, where he completed an award-winning doctoral dissertation in modernist studies, and at CUNY. His teaching and research interests include the novel and narrativity, the twentieth century, materialist theory, gender and sexuality studies, film studies, experimental drama, consciousness, race, disability, and radical social movements. He has published peer-reviewed articles and reviews in Essays in CriticismModern Drama, and The Henry James Review. As an editor, he particularly relishes working on manuscripts that are interdisciplinary or unique in structure and working with multilingual authors. James is a member of the EFA and is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Jennie Liston

Copyediting & Proofreading Team Lead

PhD, Art History, UCLA

Jennie (she/her) is a former associate professor of art history. She earned her MA and PhD from UCLA in Italian Renaissance art history with additional concentrations in ancient art and museum studies. She has a copyediting certificate from the University of California, San Diego, and is a member of ACES and the EFA.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, graduate student dissertations, academic job applications

Subjects: Art history, humanities, cultural studies, history, anthropology, gender studies

Style: As a copyeditor, I see myself as an encouraging member of your team. My job is to fine tune a document in terms of grammar and style rules, but I will also help to strengthen your voice and to clarify your message for the reader as needed.

Mary Sasso

Marketing Manager

Mary Sasso is a marketing and book publishing veteran with more than fifteen years of experience in social media, content marketing, title marketing, and publishing strategy. Currently based in Philadelphia, Mary spent more than ten years in New York, where she worked at HarperCollins Publishers and DK Publishing. Mary developed and executed innovative marketing campaigns for numerous New York Times bestsellers across a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction genres. Most recently, Mary oversaw sales and marketing at the health care textbook publisher SLACK Incorporated. Mary has a bachelor’s degree in English from Boston College, a certificate in publishing from New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute, and a certificate in copyediting from UCSD Extended Studies.

Our editors

Adam B.


MA, French Literature and Culture, King’s College London

Adam has been a freelance copyeditor since 2020. He began his career in academic publishing in 2012 as an assistant in the busy foreign rights department of a university press, based at their London office. In 2014 he moved into production and editorial at a small book production company in Exeter, UK, which specialized in academic titles across the humanities and social sciences. Now based in Birmingham, UK, Adam is an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders (CIEP) and continues to train as a copyeditor through the courses they offer. His educational background is in French and film studies.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books, general nonfiction books, general nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: Film studies, French studies, history, literary studies, philosophy, politics, psychoanalysis

Style: With my experience of the publishing process from manuscript stage to publication and marketing, I understand the crucial role of every edit. I approach all texts carefully and conscientiously.

Adam Z.

Artists' Writing, Ghostwriting

MA, Art History and Museum Studies, City College of New York

Adam (he/him) is an art historian, curator, and educator. He is the estate manager and archivist for the Estate of Irving Kriesberg. As an independent curator, Adam has curated exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the United States. He directed his own gallery in Brooklyn, NY, called et al Projects from 2011 through 2014, where he presented exhibitions featuring emerging contemporary and underrepresented historical artists. His writing about modern twentieth- and twenty-first-century art topics has been published in exhibition catalogues and several print and online cultural publications. He also writes a blog about the benefits of integrating contemporary art within the K-12 and higher education curricula.

Typical projects: Artists’ writings and statements, Artists’ portfolio review, Artist job applications and proposals

Subjects: Fine and visual art

Style: I am a personable writer and editor who takes pride in helping artists find their literary voice. My goal is to make your artist’s statement and project descriptions sound as amazing as your art looks. 

Ann M.


PhD, Political Science, Yale University

Ann (she/her) is an academic editor in the social sciences and humanities, including economics, business, and education. Ann lived in Colombia for 30 years, where she worked as professor and chair of the political science department at the country’s largest private university, executive director of the US-Colombia Fulbright Commission, and founder of a consulting firm in international higher education. Ann’s research on state authority and global security has been published in peer-reviewed journals and edited volumes, and she has been awarded competitive research grants from the MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Social Science Research Council. She has also served on various university and education boards. An academic editor since 2020, Ann has helped over 3,000 faculty, PhD students, and researchers in over 20 countries achieve their research, publishing, and employment goals.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, grad student writing, general nonfiction essays or other short writings, business writing (blog posts, websites, other content marketing)

Subjects: Social sciences and humanities, policy studies, economics, business and finance, education, and law

Style: I am a meticulous copyeditor who helps academics express their written ideas and arguments as accurately, clearly, and economically as possible.

Anna G.


MPhil, Historic Preservation, Columbia University

Anna’s editing services and scholarly research traverse the boundaries between science and engineering, the humanities, and the social sciences. As a freelance editor, she has worked on academic articles, book chapters, and book proposals in a diverse array of subjects.

She is currently a doctoral candidate in historic preservation at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, where her research investigates the history and politics of the uses of science and technology to preserve built heritage. Previously, she earned her MS in structural engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and her ScB in materials engineering and BA in the history of art and architecture from Brown University.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, Academic books, General nonfiction books, General nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: historic preservation, heritage studies, architecture, art history, science and technology studies

Style: My editorial goal is to highlight, not change, your voice and ideas by enhancing clarity and consistency.

Beth L.

Copyeditor, Indexer

PhD, Historical Musicology, University of Pennsylvania

Beth (she/her/they/them) is a published author of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and is working on revising her first novel, a humorous paranormal thriller. Beth holds a PhD in music (historical musicology) with a specialty in medieval music, and also the professional certificate in editing from UC Berkeley Extension. Between 2000 and 2018, Beth taught music history and research techniques off and on at a variety of institutions. In 2018, Beth began working as a freelance editor and ghostwriter, including service as a judge in the Ink & Insights literary competition, where she gave feedback to beginning writers who had completed a novel. Beth is now concentrating on editing and hopes to add indexing soon.


Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, Academic books, General nonfiction books, General nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: Music History, Ethnomusicology, History, Anthropology, Visual and Performing Arts, Film and Television, Architecture (general interest only), Travel

Carolee K.

Artists' writing

PhD, American Studies, Yale University

Carolee (she/her) is a US cultural historian who has taught art history, US history, and women and gender studies. Her areas of expertise include nineteenth-century US history, performance studies, the history of race and racism, scandals, sexuality studies, and LGBTQ history. She served as the archivist at the Keith Haring Foundation, a registrar for the Feldman Gallery in NYC, and a research assistant for the artist/architect duo Arakawa and Madeline Gins. She currently serves as the Community Archivist and Historian at Dallas Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation. 


Typical projects: Artists’ writings and statements, Alt-ac job applications and CVs

Subjects: Fine and visual art

Caroline M.

Developmental Editor, Book Coach, Book Proposals

PhD, Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Caroline (she/her) is a Chicago-based book coach, developmental editor, and historian. She specializes in heritage projects, visual culture, and National Romanticism in the North Sea and Atlantic. As an editor and coach, she helps authors of both academic and general nonfiction write their confidence onto the page. Caroline is a high-touch, hands-on editor, ensuring your manuscript or proposal speaks clearly and powerfully to your target audience. She has helped scholars and other nonfiction writers polish drafts and proposals to secure contracts with traditional, indie, and university presses. In tandem with editing, Caroline travels the world as a resident historian with Viking Ocean. She is a certified book coach and member of EFA and ACES.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books, general nonfiction books, general nonfiction essays or other short writings, book proposals

Subjects: Art history, history, humanities

Style: I love helping writers ensure that their joy for the project jumps off the page. Straddling academic and general nonfiction publishing worlds, I believe the secret to all nonfiction success is knowing your audience and I help you reach them.

David M.


PhD, English, Harvard University

David (he/him) is a Vienna-based copy editor. His intellectual interests are primarily in history and literature, although he enjoys working with scholars across a range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. His doctoral dissertation focused on the exotic fiction of Conrad, Maugham, and other British writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

David is a Professional Member of both the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading and the Institute of Professional Editors and is also a member of the MLA, the EFA, and ACES. In addition to his work as an editor, David is a research supervisor in the master’s in education program at Hibernia College, Ireland.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books, general nonfiction books, general nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: English literature, history, politics, international relations

Style: I am dedicated to helping scholars—particularly those from multilingual backgrounds—express the results of their research clearly and correctly.

Emily M.


MPhil, Art History, Graduate Center, CUNY

Emily (she/her) is a PhD candidate in art history at the Graduate Center, CUNY, and instructor in art and architectural history at various universities in New York; her own writing has appeared in Cornelia magazine and Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art. With more than seven years experience editing museum interpretive and catalogue materials, she relishes working with authors across the humanities to shape and share their insights with academic and general audiences alike. She brings a broad-based knowledge of early modern to contemporary art and architectural history and cultural production, a strong sense of intellectual curiosity, and a tenacious attention to detail to all projects.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, General nonfiction 

Subjects: Art history, architectural history, early modern studies, history, material culture

Style: My approach aims to align the author’s message with audience accessibility, offering routes toward clarity and precision for all texts.

Erin L.

Developmental Editor

PhD, History, Stanford University

Erin (she/her) earned her MA and PhD in history from Stanford University, where she studied artisans’ ideas about gender in early modern France, Italy, and the Netherlands. More recently, she served as the managing editor of the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, a preeminent social science journal. As a developmental editor, she enjoys helping authors in the humanities and social sciences strengthen and refine their arguments. Erin is based in Michigan and is a member of ACES and EFA.

Gloria S.

Line Editor

MSJ, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Gloria is a former reporter driven by a wide-ranging curiosity. Her career has crossed many media types and subject areas. She has both covered and worked in local government; performed major edits of business profiles and technical documents; written social media posts for various clients; freelanced steadily in higher education; edited articles and given conference presentations. In recent years, she has edited scholarly books, as well as a memoir. She has also filled several roles in nonprofit operations. Gloria draws on this context to help authors share their expertise clearly and compellingly to a variety of audiences.

Typical Projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books, general nonfiction books, general nonfiction essays or other short writings, business writing (blog posts, websites, other content marketing)

Subjects: Journalism, computer technology, business, psychology, government, philosophy of science, the environment, history

Style: As a generalist, I ask the kind of questions your audience might ask. My journalism training taught me to be alert to nuance and exercise care in preserving your meaning even if I suggest changes in wording or flow. I think visually as I work verbally; how clear the picture is in my mind is my gauge of how well the piece will communicate what you want.

Hester H.


PhD, History of Science, University of Cambridge

After completing her PhD at the University of Cambridge, Hester spent most of a decade working in museums (both national and university-based). She has nearly twenty years of experience as a copyeditor and line editor working for academic presses and individual scholars. She has also published two books and numerous academic papers, so understands what it’s like to write academic materials as well as to edit them. She enjoys working with scholars who are writing in English as a second or other language, helping them to craft their message idiomatically. She is an Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, and currently its training director. In her spare time, she is a semi-professional singer.

Typical Projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books

Subjects: History, history of science, architectural history, art history, music, theology, museum studies, classics, film studies

Style: Writing is all about communication, so I’ll help you to tailor your words to your chosen audience. I won’t try to change your voice, but I will be an extra pair of eyes to spot mistakes and make sure that your writing hits the right note.

Jessica K.


PhD, Hispanic Studies, Brown University

Jessica earned her PhD in medieval Spanish at Brown University, where comparing the worldview in Alfonso X’s law codes and miracle songs, the Cantigas de Santa María, prepared her to edit academic and general nonfiction subjects from art to zoology. Her multidisciplinary Law and Order in Medieval Spain is widely cited as an authority. She has also published historical and contemporary magical realist fiction, so she understands the publishing process both as an author and as an editorial professional. She lives, writes, and edits in quietly charming Zamora, Spain.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books, grad student writing, general nonfiction books, general nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: All periods of literature in English and Spanish, history, museum publications, art and architecture, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, etc.

Style: I uproot logical, grammatical, and homophone-related errors and know when to put the apostrophe in “it’s” to make sure the reader not only understands your message but enjoys reading it.

Kaylee A.


PhD, Art History & Visual Culture, Duke University

Kaylee (she/her) is an art historian, writer, and editor based in Salt Lake City, UT. With more than a decade of experience working in arts institutions and higher education, Kaylee values clear written communication for experts and non-experts alike and is dedicated to interdisciplinary exchange. She has a strong knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style, and experience editing theses and dissertations, formatting submissions to ProQuest, and proofreading for native and non-native English speakers. Kaylee’s own work focuses on nineteenth-century visual culture, and she has taught art history courses at Duke University and Guilford College. She is currently an editor for the Collective for Radical Death Studies, and her writing has appeared in Early Popular Visual Culture, Public Art Dialogue, and Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide.


Typical projects: Graduate student theses or dissertations, Business writing (blog posts, websites, other content marketing)

Subjects: Art History, Architecture, French Studies, History, Digital Humanities, Cultural Economics 

Style: I am a detail-oriented copyeditor who strives for clear, precise, and accessible writing.

Liz S.


PhD, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Princeton University

Liz (she/her) is an editor, translator, and researcher currently based in Germany. She is a specialist in Russian literature and Soviet and East German cultural history, particularly dance history and the history of aesthetics, and has years of experience conducting archival research. Her study of languages (Russian, German, Latin) and ample international experience make her a strong editor of work by those for whom English is not their first language. She holds degrees in the humanities from Princeton, Oxford, and Brown; was the recipient of a Fulbright research grant to Russia; completed the editing certificate from the University of Chicago, Graham School; and is a member of the EFA.


Typical projects: academic journal articles and books; grant proposals; museum catalogues; translations; citations.

Subjects: literary & cultural studies; history; art history & criticism; theater, dance, & performance studies; anthropology; political science; regional studies.

Style: I enjoy performing a hands-on edit to hone the author’s voice and help present their ideas most effectively. I am a language and grammar nerd who loves working with multilingual and ESL authors!

Lynne C.


MSJ, Journalism, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Lynne is a freelance copyeditor and writer. Her career is grounded in her years working as a freelance journalist in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Taipei, where she lived for over two decades. During that time, she covered a diverse array of topics, ranging from the opening of China’s economy to the country’s then-fledgling aviation industry and trade issues and corporate profiles in Hong Kong, and wrote about drought and air pollution challenges in Taiwan. Currently based in Los Angeles, Lynne has shifted her focus to copyediting academic and nonfiction books in recent years. She has worked with ESL students as a writing coach and uses her journalistic background to help authors clarify their writing to make it more accessible to the target audience. She holds a copyediting certificate from University of California San Diego Extension and is a member of both the EFA and ACES.

Typical projects: Academic books, General nonfiction books, General nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: Sociology, government, international relations, environment

Style: I am detail-oriented and enjoy collaborating closely with authors to refine their writing, shaping it into a compelling narrative. With a background in journalism, I truly appreciate the nuances of language and meticulously focus on your document’s tone, grammar, and style. I approach each project with great care—my goal is to enhance your work while preserving your voice and making suggestions that bring clarity to complex issues.

Matt S.

Developmental Editor

PhD, Art History, University of Chicago

Matt (he/him) relishes the intellectual engagement of developmental editing. A former professor (thirteen years) and museum lecturer with extensive experience in academic writing, he thrives in helping others make themselves heard with clarity, interest, and resonance. His own publications include grant-supported articles and an award-winning book on medieval art and the senses. His teaching spanned premodern art. He developed museum tours on topics ranging from Islamic ceramics to twentieth-century abstraction. Matt is at home in humanities scholarship that integrates theory and different disciplinary perspectives. He speaks French and Italian (also reads German, Latin). He is a member of the EFA.


Typical projects: academic books, academic job applications, general nonfiction books

Subjects: art history, museum studies

Style: I listen for what your manuscript is trying to say and do. Then, I build out a vision to fortify the whole in alignment with what you want and what readers need.

Matthew F.

Line Editor

PhD, History, Northwestern University

Matthew is an editor and published author of fiction and nonfiction. He received his PhD in History from Northwestern University, where he wrote his dissertation on the introduction of race science into China. As an editor, he has worked on book manuscripts (both fiction and nonfiction), academic dissertations, peer-reviewed articles, research proposals (including STEM subjects), grant and fellowship applications, college applications, resumes and CVs, government petitions, blog posts, podcast scripts, and everything in between. Also a certified TESOL instructor, he specializes in helping multilingual authors express themselves clearly and with intention.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books, grad student writing, academic job app materials (statements, cover letters), fellowship/grant applications, general nonfiction books, general nonfiction essays or other short writings, business writing (blog posts, websites, other content marketing), book proposals

Subjects: History, philosophy, general nonfiction, memoir

Style: I am a hands-on, high-touch editor who will not leave a single word unread. I see the editorial process as a dialogue, one which emphasizes the importance of both editorial precision and strategic collaboration.

Maartje S.

Copyeditor, Book Proposal Editor

PhD, English, University of Cambridge

Maartje is a freelance editor and writer based in Cambridge, UK, and has a PhD in seventeenth-century literary history. With 12 years of experience in editorial roles at a leading university press, she knows the publishing process inside out and understands exactly what your academic publisher is looking for. She can prepare your book manuscript or article to their exact requirements and work with you to frame an effective proposal. She even loves tidying up references! She also writes research and news features for college development publications and jacket and marketing copy for academic books, and loves to make complex ideas accessible. Her specialist subjects are literature and history. She is a Professional Member of the CIEP.

Typical projects: Book proposals, Academic journal articles or book chapters, Academic books, General nonfiction books, General nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: Literature, history, environmental studies, general nonfiction, memoir

Style: My aim is to retain the author’s individual voice while making sure academic works are well written and sourced, and ensuring memoirs and trade nonfiction works appeal to a wide audience. I enjoy working closely with authors and I learn something new with every project.

Macushla B.


PhD, Design History, National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Macushla (she/her) is a published historian, writer and editor, with a PhD in design history. Originally from Ireland, she has now made Berlin her home. Her professional career started as an assistant curator in the Prints and Drawings Department at the National Gallery of Ireland before she moved into academia. Her academic career was primarily based at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, including her role as acting director of the master’s program in design history and material culture. She has a passion for all things eighteenth century but her teaching and research has spanned all periods and subjects, with a focus on design and material culture. She speaks German, and reads French and Italian. She is a certified member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading in the UK.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books, grad student writing, general nonfiction books, general nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: Art history, history, design history, material culture, film studies, fashion theory, gender studies

Style: My years of experience as a lecturer, writer, historian, researcher, gallery curator, and administrator in the arts and humanities means your work is with an experienced editor who knows the cultural sector. My job is to make your writing be the best it can be, and the most important thing I can contribute is clarity and accuracy.

Maria S.


MA, French, University of Illinois Chicago; MA and PhD Germanic Languages & Literatures, Washington University St. Louis

Maria (she/her) is an editor who also translates from French and German to English. She has translated and edited texts ranging from literary to technical and early modern to contemporary. In her past life as a tenured professor, she taught translation and media studies, and she stays up to date by reviewing recent academic monographs and continuing her scholarly work in the field of book history. She’s familiar with a range of citation formats and archival conventions, having conducted research at major European research libraries, including the HAB and the BSB in Germany and the BnF in France. She loves the challenge of translation and the pleasure of helping scholars bring their research to an English-speaking audience.


Typical projects: dissertations, translations from French or German of academic articles and presentations


Subjects: Art history, book and media history, French and German studies, early modern studies

Style: I think of my work as supporting an author’s style and goals. I particularly enjoy supporting multilingual writers whose working language is English.

Niko A.


MA, History and Literature, Columbia University

Niko is an editor and historian who lives in New York. She received her MA in history and literature from Columbia University in Paris. Her MA thesis focused on literary representations of perfume in nineteenth-century French poetry. She received her certificate in editing from the University of Washington and completed Columbia’s publishing course. She has worked on a wide variety of texts, including travel guides, law reviews, academic articles, and memoirs.

Typical projects: academic books, academic job applications, general nonfiction books

Subjects: Philosophy, literature, history, literary studies

Style: I approach each text with sensitive objectivity and aim to make good writing great.

Rachel K.

Developmental Editor, Book Coach

PhD, English, Graduate Center, CUNY

Rachel (she/her) is a developmental editor and academic based in New York. She brings to her work as an editor more than ten years of experience teaching literature and interdisciplinary academic writing courses. Teaching and tutoring students in writing expanded her set of techniques for addressing questions of craft and informed her approach to constructive dialogue. She has worked on manuscripts in disciplines across the humanities and social sciences. With a strong background in the fine arts, including an MFA in painting from Yale, she also welcomes the chance to work with artists on written materials. Her scholarship has appeared in top-tier journals in her areas of study, nineteenth-century British literature and the history of aesthetic thought.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books

Subjects: Literary studies, art history, history, anthropology, sociology

Style: I’m dedicated to reading about ideas and their histories, and thinking about how they are and might otherwise be expressed. Knowing that years of thought go into an academic piece, I enjoy the delicate task of being a supportive yet direct source of feedback to other academic writers.

Rees S.

Line editor, copyeditor

MA, Integrated Studies, Northern Kentucky University

Rees is a trained and experienced editor, academic, and writing professional. She has more than thirty years of experience as a coach, teacher, mentor of learners from all backgrounds, ages, and English-language skill levels. She edits and English checks all kinds of documents, although typically works with STEM and social science researchers. She comes from the US, but after serving with the Peace Corps in Mexico at the Autonomous University of Hidalgo State, she now spends significant time in Guanajuato City in Mexico and in Nelson, BC, in Canada. Rees is fluent in Spanish, and she is a member of EFA, NorthWest Editors Guild, and ACES. She earned a Copyediting Certificate from UCSD Extension. When not reading, she practices yoga, meditation, hiking, and paddling.


Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, Grad student writing

Subjects: STEM, social sciences, education

Style: Rees’s work and attitude are founded in collaboration, positivity, and a lifelong love of language. Preserving author voice is preeminent while offering support in presenting a best face forward, particularly for multilingual researchers writing in English.

Sarah D.


PhD, African History, Boston University

Sarah (she/her) is a freelance editor and historian based in the Catalonia region of Spain. She has a PhD in African history from Boston University and has published works on the military history of West Africa, memory and kinship studies, and the history of the greater Atlantic World. She also spent eleven years as a consultant to Baker Library’s Special Collections Department at Harvard Business School, contributing to numerous projects for distribution in print and other media, including physical exhibits and corporate publications. A speaker of French, Catalan, and Pulaar, she knows the difficulties of expressing complex ideas in a secondary language. She is a member of the African Studies Association, the Society for Military History, and the EFA.

Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, academic books, grad student writing, general nonfiction books, general nonfiction essays or other short writings

Subjects: History, anthropology, African studies, business/finance/economics

Style: My goal as an editor is to help authors crystallize and fine-tune their arguments to reach their intended audience. With a fresh set of eyes, I am here to check for clarity and resolve any inconsistencies while maintaining your voice in the project.

Tim L.


PhD, English & Comparative Literature, Columbia University

Tim (he/him) is a freelance editor, teacher, and researcher who has edited and proofread projects in the areas of intellectual and cultural history, performance studies, literature, and critical thought. His academic background is in literature and intellectual history, and he wrote an award-winning dissertation about English, French, and Latin literature and political theory during the Renaissance. He has conducted archival research at the Huntington Library and the Folger Shakespeare Library. Tim taught academic research and writing at Columbia University for five years and won an award for undergraduate teaching in 2021. He has also worked in professional communications positions at Humanities Nebraska and the Heyman Center for the Humanities. Tim is originally from Omaha and is currently based in Boston.


Typical projects: Academic journal articles or book chapters, dissertations, journal articles. 

Subjects: Literature, cultural studies, history, classics, philosophy, politics, art history, performance studies

Style: I am a patient, meticulous proofreader who values clarity, consistency, and accuracy. I enjoy working with writers to make just the right final adjustments that leave them proud of their finished products.

Certificates & Memberships

In addition to being vetted by our chief editor, the editors at Flatpage have training from some of the top editing programs in the United States, as well as extensive professional experience and professional development. Additionally, we are members of the leading editing organizations in the English-speaking world.

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