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We work with a range of private, institutional, and corporate clients, as well as publishers. Below is a selection of our former clients and their associated institutions:

What People Are Saying

“I have worked with Flatpage on a variety of writing projects over several years. Insightful feedback has strengthened my writing and made it more impactful. Project turnaround is extremely fast, and I am always impressed by the professionalism of the team.”
Leslie Anderson
Museum administrator and curator
“As a scholar whose native language background is not English I worked with many editors, some being part of established editing companies and some working as individual editors. Over the period of 10 years I developed a fear (virtually) about giving my manuscript to editors because, in my experience, they were not fixing my English but changing my written thoughts and that at times felt as intellectual abuse. I felt like, it is unfair and almost cruel, that I spent months and sometimes years in doing good research and I dedicate hundreds of hours of writing and my own editing, for some editor to just change my sentence to fit what they think I am trying to say. I cannot even tell you how many times I would receive my manuscript 'edited' and I would just start crying while editing what editor edited. That all completely changed after I discovered Flatpage! From the way they discussed the needs of my project I could immediately see that they are not only in business but that they like what they are doing. While other editing companies that I was consulting at the time when I needed the editor for my book talked about the budget I had as an obstacle, Flatpage representative, asked if I would like to meet on Zoom to discuss what can be done within the budget I had. When we met (that same day) and I explained my needs and the budget, within an hour Flatpage representative emailed back with all details on how to make my project work within the budget that I had. They connected me with their amazing editor Tess R. who happened to have degree in music so was even more helpful for my book on violin teaching. Tess worked with me for four or five weeks, always meeting the tight deadlines that we had. She masterfully shortened my manuscript from about 120,000 to 60,000-70,000 without loosing the richness of the content or changing the meaning of my sentences. In the process she gave so many good suggestions and asked so many clarifying questions. For the first time I felt that my editor cares about my project as much as I do. My book is published by Routledge just last week (November 23 was the first day when my book became eligible for Amazon purchase) and I am virtually in awe how well written is my book, and that is largely due to the quality of Flatpage services and Tess' editing skills. I am beyond grateful!! After my book I had another manuscript that Flatpage edited and again I had great experience in terms of clarity of fees, quality of editing (no changing the meaning of my sentences just saying things in proper English, and that takes patience and thinking on editor's behalf), and how prompt they are in responding to emails and meeting deadlines.”
Dijana Ihas
Professor of Music, Pacific University
“This is the second time I have used Flatpage and, again, the service was outstanding. For this request, I only needed copyediting, but had a short turnaround time for the request. Flatpage once again delivered in stellar fashion. Not only was the team able to turn around the first pass in one business day and still conducting an extremely thorough copyedit, but they were also able to conduct a second pass on the next business day, which allowed me to make the corrections and submit the paper on time.”
April H.
Senior Research Scientist
“The staff at Flatpage did very thorough work with quick response time. I was grateful for their keen eye for detail. I would recommend them to anyone.”
Holly A Baggett
Professor Emeritus, Missouri State University
“This is the third time to contact with the Flatpage. The editor was very professional and patient with both proofs, the questions I left were answered, and it also helped me get a more professional enhancement to my manuscript! Thanks!”
“I find book proposals to be a particularly challenging genre of writing, and I was so grateful to have Maartje to review, critique, and polish my book proposal. Her feedback helped me tighten up and clarify the proposal. We even came up with a new version of the book title! As part of the book proposal evaluation, I had a chance to talk to Maartje over Zoom, and our conversation was really pleasant and productive. She is so knowledgeable about the academic publishing world. I think this format is perfect—the conversation is so helpful in addition to the written feedback and comments. Throughout this process I felt heard, understood, and cherished, and those things don't happen too often in and around academia.”
Alise Tifentale
Curator, writer, educator
“It has been a great pleasure working with Flatpage and from the beginning I worked with Adam. Adam was great at coaching, consulting, and editing my proposals and materials and actually also helped me with insights into the art world. The result of working with him was amazing and because of this collaboration, I achieved so much lately. I am truly glad about this. I highly recommend Adam and Flatpage for its services. I will definitely continue working with Flatpage as I continue to need more help. The team has so much to offer to emerging artists: from insights into career development to editing that sharpens and cleans up your writings. In brief, I am so happy and content with this collaboration. I feel lucky to have found Flatpage.”
“I'm very satisfied by the quick and thorough communication with Cara, as well as Elizabeth's editorial work on my cover letter. Her suggestions improved the prose significantly and she helpfully pointed out areas where I needed to be clearer. I also appreciated the second pass, her careful eye on my revisions, and her encouraging evaluation of how I had revised the letter.”
Anna Weichselbraun
Postdoctoral Fellow
“Flatpage has been fundamental for my work in the past several years. As a non-native English speaker, I always sent my work to Flatpage for copyediting before publishing. The entire process is extremely professional and efficient. Cara Jordan responds quickly to all communications and is very clear about deadlines, process, and expectations. Their editors are amazing. I particularly like working with Tess R., who has reviewed a couple of my writing pieces. She is thoughtful and reads the piece as a whole, sometimes pointing to idea repetition and argument issues, besides the excellent copyediting work.”
Tie Jojima
PhD Candidate, Graduate Center, CUNY
“I'm pleasantly surprised with the amount of work that Carolee K. has put not only into editing my cover letter and resume but also in providing an editor's report. It contains so much practical advice that addresses my personal concerns—extremely helpful! I cannot thank you enough—the way you've organized this service is so efficient and also makes me feel heard and cared for. Thank you!”
Alise Tifentale
“The services provided by Flatpage were more than fairly priced and phenomenal. Their graduate student deal is excellent for a first pass, and Tess's eye for detail along with Cara's excellent management and communication made me feel I knew exactly what to expect when I sent my dissertation draft to Flatpage. In the end, I did choose to switch from the graduate student one-pass offer to two passes, and I do not regret it. My dissertation had sources from multiple different languages, about 200 pages of catalogue text, and required a level of consistency that needed a second set of eyes to achieve. Even when I provided unclear requests, Cara and Tess were amazingly patient at working with me to fully comprehend what I wanted and expected from the final product. I would not have completed my dissertation without the help of Flatpage and I am incredibly grateful.”
Alexandria Yen
PhD candidate, Boston University
“I am very happy I hired Cara M. Jordan and her writer Adam to help me write a artist statement for an upcoming exhibition. They were very professional, responding to my email and questions promptly and thoroughly. Working with Adam was great, he is very easy to talk to. I am very pleased with my new artist statement. Adam took various interview and writings about my work and pieced together something that feels true to what I would say about my work but more polished. I am very happy I found their services and I will come back to them for future projects.”
Lola Montejo
Artist and Professor, Metro State University of Denver
“I was extremely impressed with the attention my project received, both in written comments and in my one-hour session with my editor! Leslie provided thoughtful, thorough, and actionable feedback. She worked through both the big ideas and the small writing tics, helping me see where I could easily improve my project. She was also very friendly and open, and seemed genuinely interested in my success. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to get their writing to the next level.”
Tracy Stonestreet
Assistant Professor of Art History: Contemporary Art and Performance, Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar
“The manuscript assessment I received from Katherine was incredibly helpful and so generous. I am grateful to have had someone read my work so closely and to come up with practical paragraph by paragraph strategies for how to make my argument clearer as well as how to address big picture issues. The comments were clearly articulated in such a way that held my own writing accountable to the goals I claimed to put forward. Katherine also showed a breadth of knowledge of theorists like José Esteban Muñoz and was able to help strategize more effect use of theory throughout my text. While this was definitely an investment, the price is fair for the work especially if you are looking to get your writing to a broader audience and better place. I would 100% recommend these services to my friends and colleagues.”
Ana Perry
Assistant Professor, Art History, Oberlin College
“I approached Cara to help me with first round developmental editing of 22 chapters in my first edited volume which is scheduled to be published with Routledge at the end of 2022. I could not have done this without her extraordinary help. She has a sharp eye and a level of professionalism that I haven’t yet achieved as an editor. I really learned a lot from her and now feel more confident moving forward with editing and writing in general. I especially appreciated how communicative she was with me at all stages of the editing, how many tips she offered me beyond the editing of the chapters themselves, and her wisdom regarding the overall process of editing a book. I am already looking forward to my next project working with Cara, and I expect there will be many more to come!”
Amanda Cachia
Curator and Adjunct Professor
“I have taught students how to write artist’s statements for several years and somehow I still found it so difficult to write one that properly encompassed my own creative practice. Cara’s webinar and evaluation of my statement helped me to get out of my own way. I finally have a format that I can work with and modify for a range of different opportunities. Thank you Cara!”
Christina Freeman
Artist and Adjunct Assistant Professor (Studio Art), Hunter College, CUNY
“Cara is a gem to work with—not only a brilliant and knowledgeable scholar, she has a sharp editorial eye for infelicities of grammar, sentence flow, verbiage, and she asks great clarifying questions. Her editorial suggestions and corrections are invaluable, all the while taking care to ensure the author’s writerly voice remains intact. Highly recommend!”
Nicole Woods
Assistant Professor, History of Art, University of Notre Dame
“Elizabeth was highly professional. She reviewed the work with with a sense of curiosity that I appreciate at this stage of the writing process. Not only did she identify missing information and argumentative gaps but her feedback was often given in the form of highly insightful questions. Yes, would recommend.”
Associate Professor, Harvard University
“Kaylee is an amazing editor who pays close attention to detail and is undoubtedly professional in editing. As a PhD student using English as a second language, having such an editor who is knowledgeable in the field as well as in writing itself has been essential for successful research work. It has been my great pleasure to know Kaylee and Cara during the course of the initial years of my PhD program. I am willing to be an ongoing customer of Flatpage, where their service is incomparable to others in its established pool of editors, and the quality of editing is highly proficient.”
Kate Yook
PhD Candidate
“Excellent service! Manuscript is edited by knowledgeable scholars in relevant fields who help writers improve academically. Learned a lot from the editing process.”
Assistant Professor, Hong Kong
“Any book manuscript needs an engaged second reader, someone who invests in the material and thinks about it at every level, from the texture of the sentences to the flow of the argument, as much as the author does. James C., the editor I worked with at Flatpage, did exactly that. They showed genuine care for the material, kept in regular contact with me, and offered fair critique and feedback. I was often floored by the depth and wisdom of their insights, and found them collegial throughout the process. My book, Bangkok After Dark, was immeasurably improved by James, and by working with Flatpage. I'm convinced: working with a line editor, and especially someone as great as James, is *the* way to improve a manuscript.”
Benjamin Tausig
Associate Professor, SUNY-Stony Brook
“I greatly enjoy working with Cara. I also love working with Tess, who has line and copyedited a few of my projects. She is clear, thoughtful, and efficient and I look forward to her feedback (especially when I am writing on a tight timeline). I highly recommend Cara and Tess and I look forward to working with them in the future.”
Jennifer B., PhD
Art Historian and Curator
“Leslie's developmental editing feedback and report were really helpful. I felt lost with my project, not knowing how to fix my text, and her feedback was really illuminating, showing me how to move forward.”
Maria Beatriz H. Carrion
PhD Candidate, Graduate Center, CUNY
“It's an enjoyable experience working with Flatpage. Cara is very responsive and helpful both when I first outreached to Flatpage and after the service is completed. Elizabeth D. is very patient, encouraging, and most importantly, she gives very on-point comments and helps me organize my unwritten thoughts. I would work with Elizabeth on more writing projects in the future.”
PhD Student
“The services I received at Flatpage were extremely helpful. Not only was the feedback that I received personalized and thorough but it also gave me confidence in the work that I was submitting.”
Francesca Soriano
Graduate Student, Boston University
“I would recommend Flatpage's services to anyone who needs help navigating the academic job market. Jennie was able to pick up on things in the job posting that I hadn't fully registered and clearly articulated how I might speak to them in my cover letter and teaching statements. Her comments were clear, supportive, and actionable, which made the editing process a breeze.”
Lindsey Barr
PhD Candidate, University of Maryland, College Park
“Amazing! I am very happy I hired Flatpage. Cara is extremely professional and kind. She quickly responds to all communications and her comments really helped me develop my argument and sentence structures. I'm thankful that my friend recommended Flatpage to me. I would 100% recommended these services to my friends and colleagues too!”
PhD Student
“It was better than I expected. Emma's feedback on my application helped me straighten up my thoughts on the project. I will definitely recommend Flatpage services to my colleagues and friends.”
Yeongik Seo
PhD Candidate, Columbia University
“I want to say a big thank you to both Cara and Maria S. The copyedits that Maria offered on my PhD dissertation were incredibly helpful. I appreciated both her edits and comments very much. It’s incredibly useful when I’m working full time to know I’m able to rely on this review as a way to keep my drafts as clean and well formed as possible. I’m really grateful.”
Michelle Millar Fisher
Curator, MFA Boston
“I would definitely recommend Flatpage. I've loved working with Kaylee. I got my text back fast and she made my writing clearer. I'm super happy with the edits!”
Angelique Campens
Art Historian and Curator
“Maria S. has edited twice for me. She's very carefully and professional. Highly recommend!”
“Without doubt, I recommend drawing on the expertise and insight that the editorial team at Flatpage provides. From my first conversation with Cara through the developmental editing of my manuscript with Matt S., I felt supremely supported. Matt was a rigorous reader and editor. His comments, suggestions for structural changes, and content recommendations for cuts were spot on. He was meticulous, insightful, and comprehensive such that he helped me shift the framing of my narrative. I only wish I had sought them out much sooner in the process of writing my book! The whole experience was really productive and therapeutic that I found myself wishing that there was such a thing as a writing therapist!”
Margaret Woodhull
Professor, University of Colorado at Denver
“I’m SO happy I hired Flatpage. I’m self-publishing my artist's book, so pay-as-I-go editorial support has been an ideal solution. Cara made the whole experience super user friendly for me. Adam gave me incredibly valuable advice on layout, style, and content. Tim’s astonishing attention to detail revealed the subtlest errata that even my most fastidious friends hadn’t turned up. Tim even provided the unicodes for hard-to-type special characters! I’m so impressed and grateful. I’m sure I’ll hire Flatpage again for every book I ever write.”
Frankie Abralind
“Wonderful! Working with Cara and her team is such a breeze. Cara is very responsive and Jennifer F.'s turnaround time was so fast. Having a professional editor copyedit my work gave me the confidence (as a junior scholar) to get my work out the door. It was also especially helpful to be able to utilize these services to keep my writing goals on track while teaching full time.”
Lee Ann Custer
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
“I had a fantastic experience working with Jennie on my cover letter and teaching philosophy. She helped me tailor my writing to the specifics of the job call. After making the changes she suggested, I had a much stronger application that accurately reflects my unique teaching style and art practice. Within a week of submitting the application I had an invitation to interview! I really appreciated her communication style—constructive criticism with sincere encouragement. Thanks Jennie!”
Christina Freeman
Adjunct Assistant Professor (Studio Art), Artist, and Curator
“Cara has brought a wealth of experience to the Open Arts team, helping us improve the quality of our writing for social channels and helping improve processes and workflows on our team. One of the most valuable contributions Cara provided to our team was a custom writing workshop to our curatorial team. One person described the session as a ‘master class’ and we are planning a similar session for another group on our team. Thanks to Cara, we have a unified voice and a style guide we can follow moving forward.”
Chase Conrad
Strategy & Operations, Open Arts, Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.)
“Cara is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to her trade. She will go out of her way to make sure she catches large and small mistakes and leverages her profound art historical knowledge to help develop arguments and improve structure and language. I have worked with Cara on several projects, but the one that stands out the most to me was an article that I submitted to Art Journal. Amid the pandemic, Cara worked with me to improve the article’s grammar, syntax, and argumentation. Her work helped me make a more precise argument and develop it throughout the essay, which is coming out in fall 2021. Cara is an amazing editor, but, moreover, she is a trained and excellent art historian—having these skills is essential for copy and developmental editing of art historical and art writing. I am looking forward to working with her on my book project in the coming years, and feel so lucky that my work will benefit from her depth of knowledge.”
Abigail Lapin Dardashti
Assistant Professor of Art History and Visual Studies, UC Irvine
“I hired Cara to edit the essay for an exhibition catalogue, Shadow and Light: The Etchings of Martin Lewis. She did a truly excellent job working with both the essay’s author and me (the curator) to refine the essay’s argument and structure as well as the grammar, syntax, etc. She is current on the trends and terminology of the art history/museum fields—in fact, I learned quite a bit from her during the editorial process. Moreover, the catalogue was produced on a tight timeline and Cara completed each stage of the editing on time or even in advance so that we could keep the project on schedule. I highly recommend Cara and look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Danielle M. Johnson
Curator and Adjunct Professor, Art History
“I reached out to Cara after learning about her workshops from a friend who had participated in one in the Bronx. I was interested in a statement writing workshop for the art students in my graduate program, and Cara seemed to offer exactly what we needed. Cara was really patient with me as we navigated CUNY post-pandemic bureaucratic hiring process, and we successfully organized a comprehensive workshop for the 25 students participants. After the workshop, I listened to Cara and paired with another student so that we could help each other with critical feedback and we were both able to see where we needed improvements with our statements. Cara’s methods helped me cut the fluff and get to the fundamentals when writing about my artwork, and helped improve my writing overall. Thank you Cara!”
Whitney Harris
Artist and Hunter MFA Student Organization President 2020-21
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