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Visit our Art Writers for Hire list to find authors to write catalogue essays, gallery texts, art websites, and more.
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Here at Flatpage, we have a number of editors who specialize in visual art and art history. As you may know, I even trained as an art historian myself: I got my PhD from the Graduate Center with a dissertation about Joseph Beuys and socially engaged art. Among us, we have published dozens of magazine and journal articles, chapters, and books.

Artists, galleries, museums, dealers, and others often ask whether we can recommend a qualified and engaging art writer for their project. As a matter of fact, we can!

We created the Art Writers for Hire list, a crowdsourced list of writers who are available for freelance writing projects. 

About the Art Writers for Hire List

This list grew out of the numerous requests we receive for arts writers from clients, including artists, museums, galleries, dealers, and others, who would like to hire someone to write catalogue essays, monographs, magazine articles, press releases, one-pagers on artists, and more. Since Flatpage offers limited ghostwriters, this list was created in order to connect authors with potential clients. 

The list is crowdsourced and the writers should be contacted directly by potential clients; Flatpage is an editorial agency and does not vet the authors listed. We are providing this list free of charge. 

The list should be used by both authors and clients with care: we expect that all authors will represent themselves honestly and authentically and that all clients will treat the authors with respect and offer fair wages. We recommend a minimum rate of $1 per word, although more qualified/experienced authors should certainly expect more.

How to Use the List

Authors should add their details to the list in order to be contacted by potential clients for writing opportunities. Entries for all other service types will be removed (e.g., curatorial pitches or other editing services). Please note that this list is publicly accessible and that anything you include here will be available to anyone with the link. 

Potential clients will find a list of arts writers who are interested in taking on paid writing opportunities. Note that these writers have not been vetted by Flatpage and you should do research on them before engaging them for projects. While this list of contacts is free or charge, that does not mean that the writers’ labors come at the same cost; we recommend a minimum wage of $1 per word. 

Need Editorial Help?

Once your text is written, you might still need it edited by a professional in order to correct any grammar or punctuation mistakes, apply a style guide, or catch any stray typos. For editorial inquiries, please check out our Editing for Authors, Editing for Artists, or Editing for Nonprofits pages.

About the author

Cara Jordan is chief editor and president at Flatpage. She has spent her career editing academic and artists' writings, primarily as a developmental editor and copyeditor. She received her PhD in art history from the Graduate Center, CUNY.


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