If you need personalized feedback on a project you’re working on, like a book manuscript, or a job interview, then coaching might be right for you.

Our coaches will get to know you and your project or journey so that we can help you overcome your blocks and achieve success.

We offer coaching in the following areas:

1 hour session: $150

Need more help? Our book and article experts are here for you! We can help you with crafting your sample chapters, planning out your writing schedule, keeping on track, handling the peer-review and revision process, and more.

This service includes 60-minute Zoom sessions with our book experts, scheduled individually in accordance with our experts’ schedule. You can speak as long as you like, but you will be charged at the hourly rate above in 15-minute increments above 60 minutes.

It does not include developmental editing or manuscript assessment (reading and editing the manuscripts themselves). For this, please check out our editorial services for academics or authors.

If homework is required for the coach (e.g., reading a book chapter or manuscript), this is charged at a rate of $75/hour. (For reference, reading rates are approx. 7-10k words per hour.)

1 hour session: $150/hour

Are you applying for an academic position in visual art or art history in the US and you’d like to practice your job talk or committee interview with a qualified academic? Our team has coached numerous successful applicants to get the jobs they want, even during these difficult times. Now more than ever, you need to put in the extra effort to be well prepared for each and every interview you do, both first round and beyond.

Our specialists have been on both sides of the table: as (successful) applicants who have gained tenure-track positions and as hiring committee members who evaluate candidates. We know what goes into a good application, interview, and presentation.

Job application coaching is tailored to the applicant’s needs and might include the following:

  • Job application materials, including CV, cover letter, and various types of statements
  • Job interview mocks
  • Job talk mocks

Interview and job talk coaching generally involves a mock with the applicant followed by an evaluation, which includes everything from the applicant’s personal presentation, visuals, and responses. These last 1-1.5 hours and take place on Zoom, but can be tailored to your needs. Contact us to book.

If homework is required for the coach (e.g., reading job talk scripts, application statements), this is charged at a rate of $75/hour (booked in 15-min increments).

Application materials can also be edited à la carte.

Do you work with a group that would benefit from a live course on the artist’s statement?

For the past five years, Cara Jordan has taught a variety of artists and other creative professionals how to write a statement that clearly and effectively explains their work to their desired audiences. Cara has led these workshops in both New York and beyond, including as a regular instructor in the Bronx Museum’s Artist in the Marketplace (AIM) program, and at institutions like Parsons and Juilliard.

Currently, Cara offers the following courses, both of which can be arranged digitally or in person (when available). Please contact us regarding rates and scheduling.


This multipart intensive workshop, in either 2 or 3 sessions, is designed to introduce the artist’s statement to a small group (up to 20 participants). One session is devoted to introducing the statement with a brainstorming exercise (appx. 3 hrs) and the second (and optional third) session comprises a guided small-group workshop of the participants’ own statements.

Duration: 2-3 sessions of 2-3 hours each (6-7 hours total)

Booking begins at $1,000


In this virtual, abridged version of the above workshop, we go over the artist’s statement, what it includes and doesn’t include, its audience, and tips and ideas for writing. Your group will receive sample statements and a brainstorming worksheet. Optionally, Cara can review 1-2 of your artists’ statements with them in real time. Followed by a live Q&A.

1 hour session: $350

1.5-2 hour session: $500

$150 for the Zoom call and $75/hour for any time spent reviewing the materials outside of the session (estimated at 1 hour). 

Our resident portfolio reviewer will read and evaluate your portfolio, providing you with a written report outlining their findings and a 60-minute call to discuss.

In preparation, you will need to submit a body of work and any documents you want the editor to focus on. In addition, you should submit questions for anything you’d like feedback on. These questions can be about aesthetics, but they can also be about professional development.


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