Publishing Submissions

If you’d like to pitch us your book for publication, please send us a comprehensive proposal via email at [email protected]. The proposal should include the following components:

Book Summary: A succinct summary of the book (maximum two pages) encapsulating its main theme, objectives, and anticipated impact.

Table of Contents and Chapter Summaries: An outline of the book’s structure, including a table of contents with brief chapter summaries that highlight the key content and direction.

Author’s Biography: A brief biography detailing your academic background, expertise, and relevant accomplishments.

Envisaged Market(s) for the Book: Identification and description of the target audience(s) for the book, demonstrating its potential market reach and readership appeal.

Similar and Competing Titles: Information about existing or upcoming books that relate to your proposal, along with a brief analysis of how your work differentiates itself and stands out in the market.

Intended Writing Schedule and Production Timeline: A proposed timeline indicating your intended writing and production schedule to ensure timely completion and publication of the book.

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