Short-Form Writing

At Flatpage, we’re experts at writing and editing short-form writing, including blogs, articles and essays in the popular press, website content, memos and internal communications, marketing and promotional material, and social media posts. Need proof: check out our own blog, Column!

Our writers have worked in various industries, including notably academia, museums, and nonprofits, and have collaborated with myriad professionals. Whether you’re a museum curator, content manager, or a visual artist, you’ll find a good partner here.

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$0.90 per word

Our writers will work with you to produce the content you need: website copy, marketing copy, blog posts, social media content, and more. This service includes a call with our writer to discuss your needs, after which the writer will produce a draft based on your specs. Ghostwriting services include one round of revisions to the draft based on your comments.

Service Description

Short-Form Line and Copy Editing

Includes two passes. Purchase online here.

$125 per hour

Let us tell you how: Set up a call to discuss your needs with one of our writers who specializes in short-form writing and we will give you the knowledge to achieve success!

Service Description

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