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Flatpage offers manuscript editing services, including developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, coaching, and job and grant application editing.


Flatpage is an independent hybrid press that guides authors in the publishing process utilizing our expert editorial team and knowledge of the industry.

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Who we are

Flatpage is an editorial agency and publishing house that connects authors with audiences through accessible writing. We specialize in the fields of arts and culture, politics and society, broadly defined, and focus on academic manuscripts, artists’ writings, blogs, business and marketing materials, criticism, nonfiction, social media, and website content. We are committed to empowering people and promoting ideas that advance culture.

What cannot be said above all must not be silenced but written.

Jacques Derrida

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Some of Our Authors

Hear from Our Clients

Tracy Stonestreet
Assistant Professor, Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University Qatar

“I was extremely impressed with the attention my project received, both in written comments and in my one-hour session with my editor! Leslie provided thoughtful, thorough, and actionable feedback. She worked through both the big ideas and the small writing tics, helping me see where I could easily improve my project. She was also very friendly and open, and seemed genuinely interested in my success. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to get their writing to the next level.”

Ana Perry
Assistant Professor, Art History, Oberlin College

“The manuscript assessment I received from Katherine was incredibly helpful and so generous. I am grateful to have had someone read my work so closely and to come up with practical paragraph by paragraph strategies for how to make my argument clearer as well as how to address big picture issues. The comments were clearly articulated in such a way that held my own writing accountable to the goals I claimed to put forward. Katherine also showed a breadth of knowledge of theorists like José Esteban Muñoz and was able to help strategize more effect use of theory throughout my text. While this was definitely an investment, the price is fair for the work especially if you are looking to get your writing to a broader audience and better place. I would 100% recommend these services to my friends and colleagues.”

Lee Ann Custer
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Arizona

“Wonderful! Working with Cara and her team is such a breeze. Cara is very responsive and Jennifer Farned’s turnaround time was so fast. Having a professional editor copyedit my work gave me the confidence (as a junior scholar) to get my work out the door. It was also especially helpful to be able to utilize these services to keep my writing goals on track while teaching full time.”

Why choose us?

  • Fast

    Since we work as a team, you can expect faster turnarounds for editorial projects.

  • Quality

    Our editors have advanced degrees from top universities, including UCLA, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, NYU, MIT, and more, and are vetted to ensure the highest standards of excellence. We are a US-based company with native-English staff.

  • Experience

    We have experience as published authors, as former and current professors, as well as training and certificates in editing.

  • Personalized

    We consult with you 1:1 on your project and guide you through the process. You will be matched with an editor whose experience and specialty fits your project.

  • Results-Driven

    We care about you achieving results from our services: getting published and reaching audiences. We will make sure that you're satisfied!

  • Professionalism

    Your project will be handled with care and privacy.

  • Independent Publishers

    We are an author-driven, hybrid publishing house that guides authors in the publishing process utilizing our expert editorial team. We are faster than a university press and offer more support and higher quality than self-publishing.

  • Ideas From start to finish

    We are uniquely positioned to help you at all stages of the writing and publishing process.

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