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Having submitted our own course papers, master’s theses, and PhD dissertations, the team at Flatpage knows that reaching the finish line is a battle in itself!

We offer manuscript assessments, copyediting, and formatting for all types of grad student writing.

We offer competitive pricing for graduate students with a low bottom line:

One of our developmental editors will read your manuscript and send you a detailed report outlining their findings, including the manuscript’s key strengths and weaknesses; big-picture revision advice for the manuscript’s narrative arc, argument, structure, and scholarly engagement; and chapter-by-chapter or section-by-section revision advice. We also provide you with a plan of action for how to make those changes yourself before you submit.

This service includes a virtual call to go over the report and review any questions you have, which should be booked within 14 days after you receive the editor’s feedback.

Types of Manuscripts: Full dissertations, dissertation chapters, course papers

Price: $0.03/word. Note: word count does not include font matter, citations/bibliography, or back matter. 

Includes: Editor’s report, 30-minute call with editor (for manuscripts up to 50k words) or 60-minute call with editor (above 50k words).

When: You should get a manuscript assessment before you plan to submit your manuscript to your professor, advisor, or committee, while you still have time to make edits and undergo other rounds of editing (i.e., copyediting), if you want to.

How long does it take? A typical dissertation chapter takes about 1 week to complete a manuscript assessment and a full dissertation starts at 2–3 weeks.

Improve the writing style and flow of dissertations and course papers (only one editorial pass included). Best for non-native English authors or translated texts. Proof of enrollment required.

Price: $0.04/word (up to 30k words); $0.03/word (30k words and up)

Service description

Correct grammar and punctuation and apply a style guide to text and citations on dissertations and course papers (only one editorial pass included). Proof of enrollment required.

Price: $0.03/word (up to 30k words); $0.025/word (30k words and up)

Service description

Apply style to foot/endnotes and/or bibliography (CMoS, APA, MLA, others)
$1.50/citation (not per note)

Convert biblio <-> notes
$2.50/note citation

Manuscript Formatting
Correcting layout issues, including front matter, pagination, figures and tables, headings, and page margins according to a style guide (e.g., CMoS, APA, or university guidelines)

* We do not perform full developmental edits, where the editor transforms your text for you, on graduate student work for ethical reasons. We can help with coaching and provide manuscript assessments to address issues with argumentation, structure, and voice; however, detailed developmental edits should be handled by your advisor. Then, once you’ve defended, we offer developmental services as you consider revising your dissertation into a book.

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