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Why Businesses Need Editing

You have the vision. We can help you craft the language to connect to your audience.

Flatpage offers specialized editing services for businesses and start-ups. Our clients typically need high-quality editing and localization for their internal and external communications on an ongoing basis, with a fast turnaround and scalability.

Growing companies need to process a high volume of texts, from handbooks to train onboarding FTEs to social media assets, that draw eyes to new products. Fast.

While these texts are often written by teams who develop products, you need a trained eye to catch grammatical errors, correct language usage, and advise on how to best reach your intended readers. 

Our editors have technical training and years of experience as manuscript editors. We can help you bring your content to life so that readers pay attention.

Marketing Assets

Press Releases

Blog Posts

Website Content

Social Media Posts

Internal Memos

Handbooks & Guides

Basic Editing Services


Copyediting involves a rinse of your content, with attention to grammar, punctuation, and mechanics (i.e., conforming it to your company's style guide or one that we create together). Whether your writers are pros or novices, or native English speakers, this service will ensure that you deliver clean and professional copy each and every time. 


Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process and is reserved for minor typos and consistency between assets. By the time you are ready for a proofread, your copy should have already gone through content review, copyediting, and design phases. This service will ensure that the asset is ready to be sent out into the world.


Ghostwriting is most useful for those who need an extra hand generating content, including social media copy, blog posts, and more. Our writers will get to know your company and produce clean copy that you can use for both internal and external purposes. We can also help generate internal writing guides based on your needs!


Flatpage serves as a vendor for corporate clients and invoices for our services on an hourly basis. Please contact us for a quote.

What Our Clients Say

“Cara has brought a wealth of experience to the Open Arts team, helping us improve the quality of our writing for social channels and helping improve processes and workflows on our team. One of the most valuable contributions Cara provided to our team was a custom writing workshop to our curatorial team. One person described the session as a ‘master class’ and we are planning a similar session for another group on our team. Thanks to Cara, we have a unified voice and a style guide we can follow moving forward.”
Chase Conrad
Strategy & Operations, Open Arts, Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.)

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