If you need feedback on an academic or nonfiction writing project you’re working on, such as a book or journal article manuscript, that goes beyond the scope of editing a manuscript you’ve written, then coaching might be right for you. Our coaches will get to know you and your project so that we can help you overcome your blocks and achieve success.

Coaches can help you with:

  • Strategizing your manuscript as a whole, including developing a thesis/argument and the storyline of your book or article
  • Develop your thinking around and framing of your topic and chapters
  • Crafting your research into digestible and engaging sections or chapters
  • Formulating reachable writing goals and planning your writing schedule
  • Providing general feedback on your writing and outline as you develop your manuscript
  • Handling the peer-review and revision process
  • Providing accountability and moral support throughout the writing process

Coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs.

Price: One session, $225; six sessions, $1,215; twelve sessions, $2,430

Includes: Each session includes up to one hour of reading/research (e.g., reading a book chapter or manuscript); a recorded, 60-minute Zoom session with a coach; plus a brief written report that outlined what you discussed and next steps. You can speak as long as you like on the call, but you will be charged at the hourly rate in 15-minute increments above 60 minutes. 

If extra homework is required for the coach, this is charged at a rate of $75/hour. (For reference, reading rates are approx. 10-15k words per hour.) Editing services, including developmental editing, are charged separately.

When: While coaching is similar to developmental editing in that coaches advise you on the big picture of your manuscript, you’ll need a completed manuscript to take advantage of our developmental editing services. Coaching is most helpful for authors who are still developing their ideas or who need help that extends beyond the scope of a typical developmental edit.

How long does it take? While there are some issues that can be addressed in one session, clients generally find several meetings to be most helpful in addressing deeper issues relating to their writing process or manuscripts. For longer projects like books, we recommend scheduling several sessions in advance.

Need help with something else?

The Big Picture

Strengthen argument/thesis

Improve organization and structure

Suggest ways to expand or cut back evidence

Respond to or address peer-reviewer feedback

Tell a better "story" with your manuscript

Writing Style

Improve word choice

Improve sentence syntax

Address transitions between sentences and paragraphs

Ensure voice and tone are appropriate for audience

"Smooth" rough translations to English from another language

Dramatically cut word count


Correct grammar and punctuation errors

Correct sentence syntax

Apply a style manual like the Chicago Manual of Style, APA, or MLA to body text and citations (footnotes, endnotes, bibliography)

Ensure consistency

Eliminate repetition

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